Star Wars Battlefront 2 Walkthrough With Ending


Star Wars Battlefront had no single player mode. Okay, that’s a lie, it had a lot of modes that could be played single player, but it didn’t have a central single player campaign or story mode. As EA and DICE wouldn’t stop telling us at E3 earlier this year, that was something they fixed with the upcoming Battlefront 2– also, incidentally, the only thing they fixed.

But hey, there is a story mode now, with DICE’s graphical quality and production values. It’s canon, it’s mostly well done, and it’s got some cool setpiece moments and stuff. You’ll like it. If you play it- and you also won’t get stuck in it, it’s a linear cinematic shooter.

So maybe you want to see it in action. Good news- we have a full walkthrough here for you to check out. Remember, it does have full spoilers, so beware. Also, you don’t get 5,000 credits for just watching a walkthrough of the campaign, I am afraid.