Monster Hunter World New Video Demonstrates Stealth… In A Very Strange Way


Monster Hunter World

Capcom has put out another video to promote the upcoming Monster Hunter World, the upcoming fifth mainline entry in the long running action RPG series, and a game that promises to be the kind of next generation evolution of the franchise that fans have been waiting for for a very long time now.

This video in question showcases stealth- stealth for the player and their perspective (and how it can be useful to them as they stalk and hunt monsters), and stealth as the monsters can employ it too. It’s a strange video, because it has a weird man dressed up as a pirate explaining things… it’s a very Japanese way of advertising a game, that’s for sure. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Monster Hunter World launches on the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26; the game is also set to launch on PC, but that release will be coming much later, since it has been confirmed for an Autumn launch window.