Knack 2 Walkthrough With Ending


Against all expectation, logic, common sense, or justice in the world, Knack 2 is a thing. Not only is it a thing, it is actually sort of better than the original game too- if only somewhat. But hey, the original Knack actually had a fanbase.

But hey, I can’t complain about it. It’s a thing, people have it- and if they have it, they might want help completing the game. Or, there might be others who don’t buy the game, but want to see what exactly the deal with it is. Call it curiosity, if you will. And if you have curiosity about Knack– we are here to help.

Secondly, here, here’s a video walkthrough. Whether you are stuck in the game, or just want to see it in action to see what the deal with it is, this video walkthrough will help you.