FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2 Walkthrough With Ending


FIFA 18 continues from the tradition set by last year’s entry by having a full fledged cinematic story mode for players. The Journey Season 2 continues Alex Hunter’s story from where last year left off- and while it is on the whole like a Telltale game mixed with some FIFA, you might still want to watch a walkthrough of it.

However this mode is quite easy. It’s impossible to get stuck in this mode, it’s linear so you can’t be at a loss as to where to go, and really, the mode lives and dies by its novelty (i.e. having a cinematic story mode for FIFA), because it’s not as though it plays too well or the story is too good. So by watching a playthrough, you are… taking away the only good parts, while exposing yourself to the bad ones?

But hey, if it works for you, it works for you. Find below a full video walkthrough of The Journey Season 2, with the ending as well. Bear in mind it has spoilers, and some such.